If you're travelling in over 48 hours and wish to change any information on your booking please go to the 'My bookings' section of our website
If you wish to amend your name or accommodation name within the same area/city/resort this can be done up until 24 hours before the date of travel
The 'My bookings' section of the website allows you to:
Cancel your booking
Add additional passengers
Upgrade your vehicle type
Amend the name of the lead passenger
Change child ages
Change all parts of flight arrival/departure times and dates, flight numbers/airline name and accommodation name and address
If you wish to amend the area booked please cancel the booking, and rebook for the correct area
Once you have made any ammendments you will receive a new e-Ticket with the correct details
If any payment is required you will be asked to accept the amount, and this will be debited automatically from the card used to make the booking