1. Please select a return or one way journey


2. Type the name of the location you would like to be picked up from e.g. New York and select from the list of options. Then type the name of the location you would like to be dropped off in e.g. Manhattan and select from the list of options


3. Select your date and time of travel. This is an important step as it ensures we know when to pick you up, and when to drop you off


4. Select the number of passengers travelling. Please ensure you also select the number of infants and children in your party from the drop down lists


5. If you have a discount code please enter it in the Promo box


6. Click the 'Search' button to see a list of vehicle types available for your journey


7. Click 'Select' next to the vehicle type you would like


8. Enter the lead passenger details

 Lead name - We only need one name for the whole party

 Email Address - We need this information as your booking confirmation and e-Ticket will be sent by email

 Mobile Number - This is not mandatory, but will help us to contact you in case of any changes to your journey. You can also register to receive confirmation of your return pickup details by text. Our carefully selected partners will be able to text you regarding your journey, but we will not pass your details onto any other third party


9. Enter the name and address of your accommodation. Please note - there may be more than one building with the same name at your destination, so the full address will help avoid confusion. Shuttle bus services will not operate to a non-hotel address


10. Enter your flight or boat details. The outbound flight is from your original destination (e.g. Manchester Airport to New York) and the inbound flight is to your original destination (e.g. New York to Manchester Airport)


11. Another chance to enter a discount code if you have one at this stage


12. Click the 'Confirm Details' button to continue


13. Select the payment method you would like to use and enter your details


14. Once your payment has been submitted you will receive a reference number for your booking. Please make a note of this. You will also receive an e-Ticket confirming your booking, and with the instructions for your journey

If you would like to amend your hoppa pickup before you travel, please visit hoppa.com and go to the My bookings section, which you will find at the top right of the site