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Once I've booked

Do I need to confirm my outbound hoppa service?

There is no need to confirm this part of your journey, however, if there is a change to your flight time please contact our partner using the contact details on your e-Ticket

I have booked a one way service to the airport. How do I find out my pick up time?

It’s essential that you reconfirm the details of your departure journey for your pick up time. If you don’t reconfirm or inform the supplier of any changes to your travel arrangements, you could miss your departure transfer and possibly any connecting journeys. Hoppa cannot be held responsible for any costs you then incur in making new arrangements
To confirm your return pickup please:

> Enter a valid mobile number at the time of booking in order to receive an SMS confirmation 24 hours prior to your pick up time

> Enter your email address and booking reference in the My hoppa section of our site no later than 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure

> Use our mobile app

> Call the local partner number which you will find on your e-Ticket no later than 24 hours before your scheduled return flight. Please ensure you call within the local office hours stated on your e-Ticket. If the number is only available during weekday opening hours and your journey is on a weekend please call on the Friday

The emergency number on your e-Ticket is available if you are unable to use any of the above

Do I need to check my booking with you after I get my booking confirmation?

There is no need to check if your booking exists with us if you have received an email with your booking reference and confirmation

How do I know my booking was successful?

Once payment has been taken and your booking has been made you will be taken through to a confirmation page, where you will be given the option to print your journey details. We will also email your e-Ticket as full confirmation, and with details of your journey. If for any reason you are unable to see the confirmation page please check your email and your spam folder. It is your responsibility to take reasonable steps to avoid duplicate bookings by also checking with your bank to see if any payment has been taken

I did not get my e-Ticket, how can I obtain it?

  • If you have a booking reference please go to the 'My bookings' section in the top right hand corner of the site, click on 'View/Amend/Cancel a booking' enter your email address and booking reference and select 'Find my journey'


  • Once here you will see your booking details, please click on the 'Amend Trip' button and scroll to down until you see the following icons, allowing you to either print your e-ticket or have it sent to your email.


If you do not have a reference number please contact amendments@a2btransfers.com they will be able to assist you in obtaining your reference number

If you have booked through a travel agent you will need to contact them to obtain your voucher

Do I need to take any paperwork with me when I travel?

Please print two copies of your booking confirmation, one for your outbound journey and one for your return

How long will my journey take?

The journey times for private vehicles stated on the hoppa website are estimates based on information provided by our partners. Journey times may vary according to local road conditions, volumes of traffic, local events etc.

Journeys in a shared vehicle involve multiple pickups and drop offs, so will usually be longer than the times stated on our website
Please note: for your safety our partners may stop for a comfort break on longer journeys

Where will I be dropped off/picked up from?

Where possible our partners operate a door to door service. If access is restricted due to pedestrianised roads, local road closures or any other issues you will be collected/dropped off at the nearest accessible point

What do I do once my flight has landed?

Please report to our partner representative within one hour of your flight landing. You will find detailed instructions on your e-Ticket with directions to the meeting point. If you have trouble locating our representative please call the local emergency telephone number, which you will find on your e-Ticket

How long do I have to wait at the airport before my vehicle departs?

For private services - your vehicle will leave as soon as you have located your driver
For shared services - after contacting our partner representative your maximum wait time will be 45 minutes