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Once I've booked

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

For private vehicle services our partners monitor flight and cruise ship arrival times in case of delays. If possible please contact our partner using the number supplied on your e-Ticket to inform them of any delays. Wherever possible our partners will rearrange your pick up. If your delay exceeds 3 hours you will need to arrange your own transport and claim the cost back from your flight/cruise provider
If you have booked one of our shared vehicle services you will be able to board the next available shuttle. Please note - this may not be available for several hours, or until the next day, and in areas where shuttle services operate on a limited timetable you may need to arrange your own onward travel
If your return flight changes during your trip please use the number supplied on your e-Ticket to contact our partner and reconfirm your pickup time
If there is a delay to your return service we will contact you at the earliest time possible and will operate the service as soon we are able to do so
Hoppa regret that we cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to flight delays or missed travel connections resulting from poor weather conditions, state of roads or any other factors beyond our control

Where do I find my pick up time for the departure journey?

For private services - your return pick up time is confirmed at the time of booking - Please see your voucher for the pick-up time.

For shared services - it is essential that you reconfirm the details of your return journey in order to receive your pick up time.


To confirm your return journey please:

> Enter a valid mobile number at the time of booking in order to receive an SMS confirmation 24 hours prior to your pick up time

> Enter your email address and booking reference in the 'My hoppa' section of our website no later than 24 hours before your scheduled flight departure

> Use our mobile app

> Call the local partner number which you will find on your e-Ticket no later than 24 hours before your scheduled return flight. Please ensure you call within the local office hours stated on your e-Ticket. If the number is only available during weekday opening hours and your journey is on a weekend please call on the Friday


The emergency number on your e-Ticket is available if you are unable to use any of the above


Please note - if you need to change your pick up location or your flight time has changed please call the local office. You can find the number on your e-Ticket


If you do not confirm your return journey, hoppa cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred in making new arrangements for the journey

I checked your website for my pick up time and it says N/A. Why?

Please call our partner using the number on your e-Ticket

My departure service hasn't arrived! What do I do?

Please wait a maximum of 20 minutes after the pick up time previously agreed before calling the number on your e-Ticket. It is important that you call this number to ensure our partners can help you
If your calls to our partner do not resolve the matter it is your responsibility to ensure that you make alternative arrangements for your journey. We cannot accept any liability for costs incurred due to missed flights
Please ensure that you obtain a receipt for any additional costs incurred should you wish to claim a refund. Please then submit this to our Customer Services department upon your return home for consideration of a refund. Please be advised that a refund of this amount cannot be guaranteed, however if, upon investigation, the supplier is found to be in error, we will refund your taxi fare in full. Please note that no refund of additional costs can be considered without a receipt

How do I know what kind of car I will be transported in?

We are unable to provide specific makes and models of vehicles, as these vary depending on our partners
Shared shuttle services will usually use a large coach, but may be a smaller vehicle, such as a minibus
If you have chosen a private service our partner will provide a minibus or taxi, depending on available vehicles

Why can't I enter an address in the pick up/drop off box?

The price of your journey is from area to area. You will be asked to enter the address of your hotel on the booking details page so our partner knows your exact location. If you are unsure of the area you would like to book, please contact your accommodation supplier

What time will my shuttle service leave the airport?

If you have booked a shared shuttle service your vehicle will leave no later than 45 minutes after you contact our partner representative. All partners will try to keep waiting times to a minimum

Which hotels do you drop off at in the area I am travelling to?

You can book a hoppa service to most known hotels. In cases where there are restrictions or issues with the roads a door to door journey may not be possible, but partners will pick up and drop off at the nearest available location

Can I use the shared shuttle service to take me to a bus station?

Our shared shuttle services are only able to drop off at hotels. If you would like to be dropped off at a bus station or restaurant you will need to book a private service

My return pick up time is showing when I book a private service do I need to reconfirm my pick up time again before I leave?

There is no need to reconfirm your pick up time