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How am I covered

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Who is my insurance provider?

We are an Appointed Representative of Citybond Holdings plc, who is an authorised and regulated insurance intermediary, providing a policy on behalf of the insurer who is 'Cigna Europe Insurance Company S.A.-N.V'.

Can I be covered whilst working during my trip?

Our policies cover non-manual work including bars, restaurants and other non-hazardous work (e.g. office and managerial work).

I have a current policy which lapses two days before the end of my trip. When should my new policy start?

We will provide you with your policy expiry notification in good time (normally 21 days). This will allow you to purchase a new policy to commence from the expiry date of your existing cover. This must be arranged prior to travel for cover to continue.

I have a family Year Round policy - will my children be covered if they go on a holiday with their school?

Our Year Round policies allow all named insured persons to be insured when travelling independently of each other.

I have a couple Year Round policy - will my partner and I still be covered if we go on separate holidays?

Our Year Round policies allow all named insured persons to be insured when travelling independently of each other.

I'm travelling in more than one country during my trip, can I still get a policy?

Our policies have no limitation to the number of countries you can travel to, providing you have paid for the correct geographical area.

Can you arrange travel insurance for someone who is not travelling from the UK?

Our policies are available to you if you are permanently resident in the United Kingdom or European Union and have been for the past six months prior to the date of issue, and registered with a medical practitioner in the United Kingdom or European Union. Trips must commence and end in your country of residence.

Do you have any age limits?

Our policies have age restriction applicable, please refer to page 4 of the policy wording for clarification of our age limits

What country should I select if I’m going on a cruise?

Please refer to the geographical area definition detailed in the policy wording, if you are travelling to a destination not listed under Europe you must choose the appropriate worldwide destination as specified in our terms and conditions.

Can my grandchildren be insured on my policy?

We allow grandparents and grandchildren to be covered under the same policy using the definition of family cover