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How am I covered

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Can I purchase a policy for my child only?

Yes, cover can be purchased for a child only policies at the cost of an adult premium.

Will we be covered if we travel independently on our Year Round policy?

Our Year Round policies allow all named insured persons to be covered when travelling independently of each other.

Does my policy cover repatriation?

Yes, repatriation cover is provided as part of the emergency medical and other expenses section of the policy. In the event that you need to be repatriated, contact must be made with our assistance providers in order to approve this and make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Do you offer cover if I am pregnant?

Our policies provide cover for unforeseen injury, illness, disease or complications as a direct result of pregnancy.

What happens if I’m the victim of a terrorist attack whilst abroad?

Our policy provides cover under the emergency medical and other expenses, hospital benefit and personal accident sections in the unfortunate event of a terrorist act. Claims associated with terrorism under any other section of the policy are excluded

What does FCA stand for? And what do they do?

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulates the sale of insurance to ensure clients are not being mis-sold policies and are being treated fairly

When does my coverage begin? When does it end?

Trip Travel: Cancellation cover will start with immediate effect upon purchase of the policy, with all other benefits starting upon commencement of the trip. Most policy benefits will expire upon completion of the trip. Year Round: Cancellation cover will begin from the chosen policy start date (no more than 3 months after the purchase date), with all other policy benefits starting upon commencement of the trip. Most policy benefits will cease 365 days after the policy start date.

How will I receive my policy documents?

Your policy details will be sent electronically to the e-mail address you provide when completing your purchase. If you have trouble receiving the policy documents, please check your Spam or Junk Mail as sometimes the settings on your email account will move the email into these folders.

My computer has crashed / I don’t have a printer, can you send my documents?

Duplicate policy documentation can be sent to you, but may be subject to an administration fee. To request copies please contact us for this to be arranged.

Do I need to carry my policy with me when travelling?

You should take your policy wording and proof of insurance with you to ensure that you understand the extent of your cover. We would also recommend that you enter your policy number and emergency telephone number into your mobile phone.